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Robert and Violet Yott


Yott Personnel, a pioneer in the industrial recruitment agency, was founded in March 1971 by Robert and Violet Yott. As a salesperson with in a chemical product firm, Robert had noticed that manufacturers recurrently needed temporary labour and struggled to find employees. Therefore, he created his own recruitment agency with his wife. Yott Personnel was one of the first placement agencies specialized in industrial workers in Montreal. Robert and Violet spent most of their life managing and growing the agency. In fact, Violet worked there until 2009, until she retired at the venerable age of 95.

Gary Yott


Gary Yott, Robert and Violet’s son, joined the company two years after it was founded, working as a driver to transport employees. At that time, the agency had three employees: Robert, Violet and Gary Yott. But it grew constantly. In 1976, Gary became president, and in 1988, the company added permanent job placements to its list of services.

James Yott


James Yott stepped into the position of company president. This transition strengthened the leadership position of Yott Personnel as a industrial placement agency in Montreal. Since then, and indeed for all of its 45 years, Yott Personnel has made it a duty to provide high-quality employees and the best service.

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