How Do I Become a Successful Recruiter?

As a staffing agency in Montreal, we can help you to get the kind of hires you want. The good news is that all is not lost, and you still have time and chance to become the best recruiter. The big question, however, is, how do you become a successful recruiter?

Polish your entire hiring process

If you are not getting the results you want, then it means that your recruiting process has a flaw, and unless you can identify the flaw and fix it, you can’t expect to get any better results. Therefore, the first step you need to take is look deeper into your hiring process, see if it is aligned with each of the recruiting goals and also check if you have in place systems and processes that will help you get the very best from the hiring process.

Remember, hiring is not a one-time event, but a process that may take weeks or even months before you finally end up with the right candidate, and as it is always said, a product is as good as the process. If you don’t take the time to query your process and make the necessary adjustments, you will always end up with the results you don’t want.

Always keep the process personal

Whether you are going after passive candidates, or you are screening fresh applicants, it is imperative to always keep in mind that the kind of initial connections you make may impact the candidate during the interview, and also influence on whether or not they will accept the position, if they turn out to be the right candidates. If you are in the habit of copying and pasting job adverts, and you are hoping that you will attract the right candidates, then this aspect of personal touch is one thing you have to avoid if you ever want to end up with the right people.

Every process of the recruitment should be designed in such a way that the applicant will feel that you are speaking directly to them, and not to the general crowd. This means that the correspondence you send must be personal and unique, and they should also get the same feeling when they walk into your office for interviews. Gone are the days when the recruiting staff viewed themselves with a lot of importance compared to the candidates they wanted to recruit. Therefore, infuse some personal touch in the recruiting process, and you will see the results begin to improve.

Stay organized with a calendar

When you are a recruiter, staying organized is key to your success. There are certain things you must never miss because if you do, you are essentially losing business. Things such as making phone calls, carrying out interviews, and follow-up meetings are some of the things you must keep track of through the proper use of a calendar. Those who failed at setting up successful recruitment failed because they didn’t know how to do a good job when it came to getting organized with their major activities.

Improve your candidates’ experiences

If you want to be among the top recruiter in Montreal, then you have no option but to improve the candidates’ experience. It is a fact that technology has made it easy to search and connect with talent from all over the world, it is still imperative that you work on the candidate’s experience throughout the hiring process. Though there are various ways through which you can achieve this, one approach would be to have a keen focus on what the applicant wants from the screening process right through to when you make the final decision.

Remember, a candidate deciding to work with you is equally as important as you deciding to work with the candidate, and if they can feel that their needs will not be well taken care of by the organization, you may give them an offer but they may end up turning it down because they didn’t have or anticipate having a good experience when working with you.

Have a refined follow-up system

Most of the recruiters end up losing very good potential candidates simply because they don’t know how to follow up the right way or they don’t have the right follow up system. Our recruiting agency in Montreal always keeps in touch throughout the recruitment process, and never leaves prospects not knowing what they are supposed to expect. Whether it is a follow-up email for an interview, or a phone call telling them about their results, such must be released in good time, and in a professional manner. Research shows that candidates who take the initiative to do the follow-ups never stay long in those companies even if they are successfully hired.

Have the ability to track your efforts

Without taking maximum advantage of data, you are like a blind man trying to find their way in the dark. You need to have your numbers by your fingertips such as the sales and marketing departments that usually track their progress.  When tracking, your focus should not just be on your success rate of hiring new employees. You need to track the various sources your applicants come from, how far they go in the recruitment process, and the kind of information they provide during the hiring process. These metrics are vital in helping our staffing agency in Montreal to have a data-driven approach in managing the process and improving our skills as a recruiter.