The Best Remote Hiring Strategies for Landing Top Talents

Covid-19 is a sad pandemic, but one that has come with valuable lessons for nearly all sectors of the economy and government. It has completely introduced a new normal that will not be going away anytime soon. For employers and employees, the fact that people can work from home and still be productive has just made a difference which will change the employment landscapes forever.As a lesson from the pandemic, placement agencies in Montreal must now focus on their remote hiring strategies to be more effective so they can land top talents from around the globe. It is not an easy endeavor, but achievable if recruiting agencies in Montreal are going to observe the following-:

Don’t fall for the trap of panic layoffs

It is a fact that the pandemic has made many businesses consider means and ways of cutting down on their costs, owing to reduced business. However, whenever possible, businesses should avoid the tendency to send their employees home when there is no genuine case for redundancy. Remember, it will cost you about 35% of a lost employee’s salary to hire a new one, and this is not factoring in the time and tenacity that goes into the process of finding the best candidate. Therefore, in as much as you need to take cost-cutting measures during such tough times, your measures should not result in additional costs that can be easily avoided if you didn’t have to send anyone home.

Learn the art of remote interviews

If you will be hiring remotely, then at some point in the process, you will have to conduct remote interviews. You should know that these interviews are different from what we’re used to – they will require technology, not only on your end but also for the interviewee. In most cases, recruiting agencies in Montreal can access this technology, and the interviewee will also be in a position to gain.

All you have to do is pick the best remote interviewing platform and acclimatize yourself with its operations before you set up an interview. Remember, not investing in the right technology, or setting it up poorly such that the technology fails while the interview is in progress, may make the interviewee view you in a bad light, which could mean missing out on a good hire.

Emphasize the candidates’ experience

Academic qualifications are excellent, but if you are hiring remotely, your greatest concern should be the candidate’s ability to get the job done. With the pandemic, so many people are stressed, and the levels of sensitivity are at an all-time high. The last thing you want is to engage an interviewee remotely with concerns that may not relate to their ability to get the job done.

Because of the pandemic, the goal of a temporary agency is to match the candidate’s profile to available job offers using very limited recruitment tools. Consequently, a candidate’s academic credentials may not be the only major factor to consider, but a lot of emphasis should go on the candidate’s ability to get the job done, as well as their past experience in that specific field.

Streamline the process

Technology is designed to help streamline the process so that hiring agencies can spend less time and resources, while still ending up with the best available talents in the industry. A good way to do this is to ensure that you don’t drag the hiring process, as is usually the case with the normal hiring process.

Since there are fewer logistical requirements with hiring remotely, it is only fair that you make the process as smooth and as fast as possible, so that the candidates don’t have to wait for long before knowing their fate. Remember, if you are interested in their skills remotely, then there are also other companies who may also be keen on getting their services. Prolonging the hiring process longer than necessary will only increase your chances of missing out on the best candidates.

Don’t let go of your professional image

Hiring remotely doesn’t mean that you leave your professionalism in the closet. If you will be conducting a remote interview through a video link, you must remember that you need to appear as professional as always. This means that you have to dress and groom just as you would normally do if the interview was being held in the office. Since it is remote, a few elements of casual may be allowed, but you must not overdo it, such that it paints you and your logistics personnel agency in Montreal in a bad light.

Ensure data privacy

With the advent of the digital age, data privacy is a major concern for both the hiring agency and potential candidates. As the recruiter, it is vital that you protect your candidate’s privacy and assure that the entire remote hiring process will be done under data privacy laws of the concerned jurisdiction. You also have to ensure that your system is fairly secure so that you don’t become an easy target of online fraudsters that might penetrate your system and gain access to crucial confidential data and information.