How can recruiting agencies in Montreal adapt to Covid-19?

Because of Covid-19, it has become more difficult for  temporary agencies looking for candidates to conduct job interviews. For many candidates, in person interviews are out of question. The risks of contracting the virus are just too big for a job that is not guaranteed. This makes recruitment in Montreal a difficult task.

Therefore, it’s important for staffing agencies to master the art of conducting video interviews. It is an important skill to develop right now, but it is also a skill that will become more and more useful over the years. A lot of things we do in person right now will be done online in a few years from now.

Since there are a lot of differences between video interviews and in person interviews, we have made a video to help you develop this important skill.   In the video we explain all the key elements of a successful video job interview. You will be fully equipped to keep finding candidates for these important logistics & temporary jobs. Recruiting agencies in Montreal can benefit even more from this new way of conducting interviews. Indeed, with the density of the population, it is even more important to avoid unnecessary contact. Learning this new skill is well worth the avoided risks!