Top Staffing Agency for Temporary Hire Staff in Montreal

Leading Temporary Hire Staffing Agency in Montreal

Is there a sudden need to replace someone in your workforce? Is there a requirement for hiring personnel for an indeterminate time? If you are looking for such temporary hire staff, then we are the right staffing agency in Montreal to contact.

Whether you have a sudden increase in production, a sudden departure of an employee due to a sick leave or holidays, or work in an seasonal industry, we will provide you with temporary employees to get the job done. Yott offers competent and reliable personnel that will exceed your expectations . We guarantee daily employee transportation to the workplace, which insures employee attendance. If you advise us within the first 4 hours that an employee is not satisfactory, a replacement will be provided immediately.

We open at 6:00. Employees wait in the employee lounge until reception of their assignment.

Our rate covers all the employee deductions: CNESST, QPP, QPIP, EI, MEDICARE, HOLIDAYS

Workplace safety is a priority for Yott Personnel. All employees are required to comply with the safety implemented in workplace.

Why use our services?

As a reputed staffing agency in Montreal, we will take care of the administrative burden of finding, evaluating, checking, and interviewing temporary hires, helping to reduce your hiring risk, money, and time.

We can meet emergency needs when looking for a distribution personnel agency or you have any other requirements. Temporary hire staff allows you to evaluate whether the person will be the right fit for your company before permanently hiring the person.

Studies reveal that there are about twenty-one administrative tasks that need to be completed by any company when hiring a new employee. Moreover, it takes almost fifty-three hours for the company’s staff to complete these tasks. There is also no assurance that the new person will be the right fit for your company. Our temporary hire service provides you a stress-free solution to reduce your hiring risks.

Benefits of Using Temporary Hire Service

  • It helps you save a considerable amount of time.
  • It provides you with the needed flexibility to get staff immediately, whether it’s for four hours or four months.
  • You get the right employees in the right positions.
  • We provide the largest pool of pre-qualified candidates to choose from.
  • We can meet your requirement, whether you are looking for one employee or a hundred.
  • We can meet any emergency staff requirement you may have.

Remember us whenever you need temporary hires. Give us call, and we will do our best to fulfill your requirements quickly.

You get to hire Yott employees

Yott becomes your recruitment associate. Yott Personnel saves you time by recruiting the best temporary employee and offers the option to hire the candidate. Contact us for further information.

Permanent placement

With over 45 years of experience in recruiting and personnel placement, Yott developed a rigorous recruitment process that allows us to place the best candidates with the skills required to perform and integrate the work quickly.

Our fees are based on a percentage of the candidate annual salary.

Should the candidate be terminated or leave voluntary within 6 months, Yott will find a qualified replacement at no additional cost.

Our recruitment process

The recruitment process in 7 steps:

  • Needs analysis
  • Research
  • Selection
  • Interviews
  • Evaluation
  • Reference Checks
  • Presentation of candidate (s)

Payroll service

In order to assist you, Yott Personnel offers employee payroll service.