How to Get the Best Staff for Your Warehouse

Most people searching for a job don’t usually find working in a warehouse a lucrative opportunity, and for the most part, they are right. Montreal Warehouse jobs are characterized by physically straining work and the pay is also towards the lower end of the scale. As a result, finding qualified staff for a warehouse is usually difficult, but not impossible.

Promises of promotions and pay raises no longer work

In the past, employers used promises of pay raises and quick promotions to retain warehouse job employees, but when this was not forthcoming, most employees get disillusioned and leave. Current warehouse operatives are more skilled than their predecessors and every employer interested in hiring lower level warehouse employees is bound to end up with the wrong staff.

Communicate the skills you need clearly

To get the best staff for your warehouse, it is imperative to clearly communicate the job skills you are looking for and you must also ensure that your rates are competitive enough. You will attract the best warehouse operatives if you offer a rate slightly above the National Minimum Wage.

Ask the right questions

In addition to clearly communicating the skills you need and offering better pay, you must equip yourself with the right questions for the interview. Open questions work great, since they will enable the candidate to tell you more about themselves, thus enabling you to further judge whether they are truly suitable for the kind of work you have for them.

Additionally, there should be more than one person on the interviewing panel so that you get a more balanced, and non-biased interpretation about the performance of the candidate.

Know where to advertise vacancies

Traditional job posting and advertising methods such as local papers are no longer effective in attracting the right warehouse staff, and many online advertising methods still need to be refined enough to be worth the investment. You will end up with lots of applications and many of them are far from being a good fit for this kind of job. Besides, it will take you a long time to go through the applications before you finally end up with the right workers.

A professional placement services company such as Yott Personnel will provide a quick, effective solution to fill the gaps and avoid the costs of unnecessary turnover. Placement agencies in Montreal, such as Yott Personnel, handle the recruitment for you and deliver competent and experienced warehouse staff to your door. Yott Personnel leverages a strict and rigorous recruitment process that ensures proper employee selection, including a quick turnaround time, and only the very best, most qualified candidates.

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