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The agency specializing in logistics and distribution in Montreal.

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Regardless of your logistics and distribution demands, we staff your distribution center to meet your needs.

Yott Personnel is a Montreal-based logistics and distribution staffing agency that assists organizations with logistics recruitment, and distribution recruitment. We also, acquiring and retaining high high-impact employees for logistics companies. We. Thus, think of Yott Personnel when looking for provide recruitment and staffing services to fill for logistics positions in various sectors.

As the logistics industry evolves and progresses, our dedicated logistics and distribution recruiting team monitors market trends and is ready to helps organizations find and attract the best logistics talent. Furthermore, Our logistics and distribution search and recruitment experts place candidates in the positions they find most desirable.

Advantages of using a logistics and distribution placement agency in Montreal

Broader reach: When you work with a supply chain recruiter, you broaden your reach. It gives you better access to qualified talent, including many professionals who currently work for your competitors. As an established and reputable recruiter, we will have access to a large extensive database of people, which has taken took years to build.

Candidates, not applicants: When you work with a logistics and distribution placement agency in Montreal, the recruiter will conduct preliminary interviews to verify that candidates have the skills, talents, and experience listed on their resumes. Your recruiter will also check to see if the candidate’s work ethic and personality fit with your company’s culture.

Additional Services: Recruitment agencies conduct background checks on candidates, which is essential when considering potential employees. This can be time time consuming, as it involves checking references, conducting preliminary interviews, and ensuring the candidate matches what they promise on their resume is right for the position.

Considering that the logistics and distribution industry is so demanding and constantly fluctuates, we provide our clients with a temporary personnel solution that allows them to respond quickly and efficiently to the demand.

At Yott Personnel, we offer experienced industrial personnel on demand. We provide a workforce for more than 100 distribution centers in Montreal for positions ranging from warehouse general worker to forklift driver. You name it, we can do it:

  • Assembling, Labelling and packaging recruitment
  • Distribution, order picker and inventory recruitment
  • Forklift drivers recruitment
  • Logistics jobs and e-commerce recruitment
  • Loading and unloading container placement

A flexible workforce solution

Servicing a logistics and e-commerce company requires fully trained and experienced personnel to execute the tasks and operate the equipment. At Yott Personnel, we have one of the largest candidate databases in Montreal, so that we can get the right skilled candidate for your needs.

Our engagement to security

We value and understand security at work. All our employees are trained and committed to working in a safe environment.

We have placed candidates in logistics and distribution jobs all over the country Canada, and now we want to work with you. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today!