Signs You Have Found the Right Candidate

Whether you are an industrial recruitment agency or you are recruiting internally, you must develop the skillset to be able to spot the right talent quickly. With the labor force facing constant skill shortages, you must learn how to tell if the candidate sitting right in front of you or whose CV you are going through, is the potential candidate you were looking for.

Here are a few signs you can use to tell if you just found the right person for the job:

A strong introduction

You should never wait until the interview, to get a good introduction from the candidate. The right candidate will showcase how well they fit into the advertised position, from the very moment they press the submit button to send in their application. Their desire to take up the post will also be expressed in their cover letter, and such an introduction will never fail to expressly mention the specific reasons why their skills and experience are a perfect fit for the advertised position.

Result-packed CV

The CV of a good candidate will not just be about the list of their responsibilities, but it will also include a demonstration of how they can execute the given role. They will prove in their CV that they have the ability to achieve the set goals and meet deadlines, and they will also clearly reveal how they intend to produce past results, should they be given a chance to take up the advertised role.

Inquisitive nature

The right candidate will take their time to research the company and find as much information as they can, about the advertised post, such that during the interview, they will ask a lot of relevant and highly tailored questions. If you are in an industrial recruitment agency, and you come across a candidate who demonstrates so much knowledge about the company, and the advertised role, then know that they are very enthusiastic about it, and will do a great job if and when given a chance. They are unlike those who will turn down the opportunity to ask questions when given the chance.