Top 3 Careers in Logistics Jobs in 2018

Are you interested in crafting out a career in the logistics industry? If so, then here is a look at the fastest growing careers in the logistics jobs and supply chain management. Their demand and relevance to industry are on a sharp trend north, and now would be the best time to start your growth in the industry.

Procurement Manager

Procurement managers are vital in logistics and supply chain management. It is their duty to help the company buy goods at the most competitive rates. As one of the fastest growing logistics jobs in 2018, it should excite anyone who wants to hold a reputable position in the industry and also one who is interested in networking and helping the business be more profitable. You will, however, need to have professional qualifications as well as excellent communication and negotiation skills.

Demand Planning Analyst

The work of a demand planning analyst is to manage stock levels, purchase goods and analyze the inventory as well as the billing process. It is their duty to ensure the business has enough stocks, because if not this will come with negative impacts. As a logistic job, there is a lot of quantitative analysis in this position and this calls for necessary mathematical skills for anyone interested in the position.

Supply Chain Consultant

This is another career worth considering if you are looking for logistics jobs. The duty of a supply chain analyst is to primarily advise on vendor and inventory management. It is a vital role for small businesses which desire to have a third-party perspective about their logistics and supply chain processes. For those interested in this position, you may begin by working your way up by starting in the entry-level in a supply chain position and then progressing towards the managerial consulting positions after you get the right qualification and experience.